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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2007|09:40 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

time for another update, yay!
this weekend my school proved its Americanness. Saturday night was prom night. My first thoughts, when we were told that we had a prom was "ew, there is no way anyone will be able to convince me to go there" but then rational thought took over. prom is just an excuse to dress up and wear make up. it was so awesome, the school had booked a function room at the top of the Hilton hotel and there was a dinner and photos and all that sort of stuff. the clothes were amazing, although some went a little overboard, one girl was wearing a $6000 dress. some people have far too much money. then there was much dancing etc etc until three guys from my year came in dressed in bunny suits and ran through the people, causing such a scandal...the girls who organized the whole thing were so pissed they shouted and screamed and almost cried, everyone else loved it, they were just cut cos they didn't think of it or ok it. they were like "OMG they didn't pay for tickets, they aren't allowed in here...they should apologise to everyone in the audience for doing that..." drama queens..
the after party was better though, we went to MOS (Ministry of Sound) where we had booked a private room, which included alcohol and a room to socialize. but MOS is awesome, this time i managed to get past the main dance floor, i went into club 54, which is a 70's dance room, filled with mirror balls and one of those dance floors that is lit from below, it was so awesome. i made the mistake of going and talking to Vinchezo, who is the biggest drinker ever, he started pouring me shots, which i don't drink but i couldn't refuse the offer. then much dancing all such, and at one stage i was in the main dance area and this thing came on, it was like when you open a freezer and you get the cold mist except times it by a thousand. so it got really cold and you couldn't see a foot in front of your face. and there was about a hundred strobe lights going so all in all it was rather awesome.

today i had to go to a rehearsal for macbeth and we were practicing my death scene. so macbeth is suppose to slit my throat onstage, which makes it hard. we are using this make up that turns red when it touches water, so they covered my neck with this stuff, and in the process covered the rest of me with the stuff too. we did the killing scene and all was good, then as i left i walked out in the rain and then this stuff started turning red all over the place. my shirt all around the neck was bright red and shoulders and torso were the same. when i got in the cab to come home the driver was like, " are you ok?!?! what happened" twas funny.

anywho i will post prom photos when i get some off people at school, mother has our camera and she is paris, on a "work trip" humph she goes on a junket while i go to school...
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(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2007|04:51 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Wlking in my sleep]

been neglecting lj....
There has been so much going on here the past few weeks, well not at the moment, i'm sitting in my underwear at my computer...not the point.
I shall start with the weekend. we had a three day weekend, as it was parent teacher conferences, so on Friday i spend the day bumming around at home trying to get people interested in doing something without much luck. then in a last ditch effort i managed to get people interested in going to MOS (ministry of sound) sufficed to say i was ecstatic, i have been wanting to go there ever since i moved to singapore, as it is the biggest and best club here. So three friends and i met up at my favorite bar, which has the best margaritas ever! so thinking, "its friday, why not" we all ordered a JUG of margarita each. looking back on the night this was probably not a great idea. After that we went to this great place for listening to music etc and just chilled letting the alcohol from the previous drink wear off. Then went to MOS, where one of my friends boyfriend knew someone who was having a private party. so we were shown to this room up[stars where all of the alcohol was free and there were so many interesting people, and i was hit on twice, well i think they were hitting on me, i mean it was rather obvious i am gay...we then ventured downstairs where there are four different rooms with different types of music playing in each, and the rooms are all different, there is one full of mirror balls and then there is one that is like a cage, it was weird, and stuff like that... So when i finally got home at about 3:30 in the morning i realised that i had drunk far too much and spent about an hour trying to get to sleep.
then saturday was spend hung over...

in other news i have been given four rolls in two different plays, one is the school play, which is the importance of being earnest, i am a priest (who's idea was that???) and the other is the butler.
the second play i'm in is Macbeth, which is really exciting cos it is a professional one with all these amazing actors etc etc. my rolls in that one are Donalbane (son of the king) and the other is Young Siward (the one who tries to fight Macbeth and is killed, so that is exciting, i get a death scene.
well thats about it...o except, dan is coming over!!! rather exciting indeed.

my advice, margarita is good, just not in jug form...
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2007|03:50 pm]
every time i post something it starts with "wow its been so long" but it has i tells you!!!
anywho yay for holidays! the past week has been chinese new year which is a holiday in singapore and mother suggested we go away and i was like hells yes, there is no way i'm staying here while a huge group of idiots run around with crappy firecrackers really loud drums trying to kill each other...it gives me an eyetwich. i'm rambling.
ok so, we decided that it would be fun to come to Thailand and visit Chang Mai and Bangkok. so chang mai was awesome, everything is so cheap and the food is sooo good. so the first day mother and i went and got the best massages and body scrubs at the hotel. then the second day we went on this tour where we went on an elephant ride, which was scary cos they are so freaken huge and if you fall off you would die!! anywho and then went on this raft and to a village that was really primitive and to a waterfall etc etc. these two guys who were on the trip with us live in china and were talking about how stupid the chinese are and that on more than one occasion they had seen these idiots just pick something up and jam it into a power socket. sufficed to say i laughed my arse off thinking "stupid asians". then we went to this city in the mountains and stayed at this great little place in the middle of nowhere in rice paddies and just spent the time eating and drinking. then went to see the long neck people, those people who have rings attached to their necks to make them have really long necks, i will put a pic on when i get home. then after that we flew to Bang kok and we are staying at the sofatel, which is so nice. and tonight we are heading back to singapore, ew school.
anywho it has been such a good holiday, we have seen so much here, i want to come here again, maybe for schoolies or something, lots of places to party...yall should come!!!

something else i forgot!!! mums father was in world war II and he was a Prisoner of war and he was forced to work on the berma siam railway so we went to see that and it was earie and creepy, there were insects that were singing and it was only in the Helfire pass section of the railway. it was interesting seeing where my grandfather was but thenn it was also kinda scary and amazing, the amount they achieved in such a short time with almost no food. anywho its 12:00 and i have school tomorrow and i just flew in.
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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2006|08:47 pm]
[music |theivery corperation]

just another weekend in the life of angus....
NOT! this weekend was devoted to Bangkok!!!!!!!
this friday was rather boring, went to sentosa and this indian guy insisted on trying to beat up tit. indian guys are so nice when it comes to the opposite sex...
then on saturday mother and i flew to Bangkok where we were picked up by a driver in a merc, (it was a business trip for mum so almost everything was free) the hotel we were in was soooooo nice, huge place, they even had a chi spa in the building. we had these massages done with stones, it was soo nice and it lasted for about three hours.
we were taken to this German Brewery cos the company is German and all the other people there were German and they drink, a lot. that night we spent over $700 on beer alone, twas quite scary. this place had a performance of Cabaret, fitting seeing as it was a german place. although it was incredibly surreal, sitting with a Group of Germans in Thailand in a German Brewery where they were performing Cabaret, in thai. doesn't sound like that much but it was very strange.
on the last night we went to this production, not sure what it was designed to show but it was awesome. performed on the largest stage in the work with over 150 actors and elephants walking on stage etc etc. during the second act a river appeared running across the front of the stage, where people had been running around earlier, and it was deep enough for one of the characters to jump in and swim around.
the elephants were awesome, they were huge but friendly and we were able to walk up and pat them. i am so going bck to Bangkok, but next time i am going to find out where the markets are, i was rather disappointed that i bought nothing...o well e are going back in February
this morning was a bitch, i had to get up and go out to the airport and get a flight back then go to school. but it was an easy day although i did make the mistake of shouting "you wish you were banging kok" as a joke oon the phone when the principal was just around the corner. she took the phone and told me to clean up the language, i mean seriously i was just re arranging the words of a place name stupid teachers...
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2006|09:50 pm]
yayness it is almost christmas!!!!
so long since i have updated...maybe cos i have been too boring and had nothing to post with....
anywho, last week i went on a bender *blush* i was cut at my school and their stupid timetabley thing and was like o well now that i have a possibly life altering decision to make i shall get drunk and run around like a school girl on heat...we went to three clubs and drank way too much and then when walking around i was running into walls :/ o what a rebel am i.
but all that gallavanting around has to stop cos of the evilness of the exams, which happen to be starting on tuesday ahhhh *runs and hides* but there is some light at the end of the tunnel! on friday we are planing a trip to sentosa, which will end in us getting scorched and then going out clubbing all night.
and, i am so excited cos next weekend mother dearest and i are off to bang kok for a couple of days, which means heaps of shopping and great food etc!!! i love thailand...
and another exciting thing, we finish school in three weeks and that means i am coming to australia in three weeks!!!! emmie poo, you better be ready to go to crisp cream!!!
i was wondering, should we have some sort of get together on the beach in newie one day? or a movie night or...something?? o and who is actually going to be around from new years to about the 8th?
anywho, i must stop procrastinating and start working...
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(no subject) [Nov. 1st, 2006|06:07 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Crazy Penis-There's a better place!]

Yay the best holiday ever!!!
Last week i had the quater break so mum ed and i went to Thailand to this secludid little penisula that isn't accesable by land so you have to get a long tail boat (the boats they use like the one in the James Bond film that he races down the canals with the motor with relly long thing on the back). anywho it was like a little paradise. The first day we spent sitting on the beach and lazing around the second day we did much the same but the third day we awesome.
We went on a snorkeling tour and saw heaps of coral, fish and two sharks. Then we went to this tiny island for dinner and watch the sun set. On the way back from that the boat randomlly stopped and the opperation jumped off the saide and told us to do the same. As soon as you hit the water all these little things in the water lit up like hundreds of little stars around your body in the water. they were phosphesant plankton, like in the dan brown book about the commit.
The next moring we went accross to Arnang (little town conected to the mainland) where mum and i had a full body massage, it was sooooooo good, thai massage is awesome! Also boght dvds etc as you do in asia...
While were at our hotel (on the beack no less) we met these two guys (a couple) who were really nice and organised to hire a speed boat for a day to explore and go to Phi Phi island. Everything we saw was so beautifull. we went swimming on a reef and there were thousands of fish there and if you took some food in they would swarm around like paranas. we also had a look at the beach were they filmed "The Beach" with leanrdo Dicapro and i could see why they picked it... In the water there there were shoals of sardines like you see in those nature films and they swim arround as a group and there were thousands of these fish. By the end of that day i was rather sun burnt, my shoulders are only now fully recovered, even though i have a hand print on y back from where the sunblock went...
All in all it was awesome. we took hundreds of photos and i put a few of thm onto my myspace. Some of the scenery shots are really good...
go look now!

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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2006|12:52 pm]
a rather different post for tonight, its all...thought inspiring, well maybe not but i think this is quite accurite...
"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature; it is the heart of a heartless world; it is the spirit of unspiritual conditions; it is the opium of the people"

i do learn things in history, sorry if it offends...

P.S. i hate glasses and essays....
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2006|10:29 am]
wow lj is weird!!
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2006|06:34 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

wow who would have guessed, people have started using lj again!!!!!
exciting, i have been left out of this great phenomenon!
2 things since i have started to post

1- i hate illness

2- i think i am going to have an 18th while in Aus, how excellent would that be?? sitting on the beach, streaking and making and sand castles...excellent *taps fingers together* (some how i managed to combine some little kid things with adult things, wait that is like everything in my life, woot immaturity)
and in the morning i'm making waffles!! (ah shut up shut up, loss of dignity!!)
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2006|02:20 am]
i think...i have finally come up with the most random post.
sitting up watching south park at 2:30 in the morning and i stumbled on an episode that is called "douche and turd". While i was watching it i had no idea what a douche was.
when i researched it on Wikipedia (the best information source) i found that it is an object that is used to rinse body cavities, most commonly the vagina. it then went on to talk about how this object has become an insult in Canadian and American culture...

i also found out that fellatio (as in machine gun fellatio) translates into something that is sexual and including the mouth.

well that is it for my night time reading, this proves that i have nothing to do...
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